Day 1 – Red Letter challenge starts today!

Day 1 – Red Letter challenge starts today!

Are you ready? I am. It starts today.

Start reading today.  DAY 1 – Being (page 18)..  Groups start NEXT WEEK!

Let begin our journey together in prayer.

Lord Jesus, our Savior and redeemer, we ask you to walk with us these next 40+ days. We need you to be with us and us to be with you. As we read the Red Letters open our ears to hear your voice, our minds to understand Your truths, and our hearts to be led by the Holy Spirit to live repentant lives that trusting in Your Words and promises, we will be moved to put your Red Letters into practice your every day so that representing you well, the world will be drawn to know Your Saving grace, mercy and love.  Bless these 40+ days ahead that we may bring your honor and glory and praise, IN Your sovereign, saving name we pray.  Amen.

Christ’s abundant blessings, 

Pastor Carl 


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