Connection Groups

Connection Groups

What are Connection Groups?

Connection Groups are places where people meet together to grow in God’s Word and build relationships with one another.  Connection Groups are places where prayer and support are given and received.  Connection Groups can meet online, on-campus, in homes, in a coffee shop, in a restaurant, or almost any other place that the group decides. One or two volunteers will lead a Connection Group.  You might join a particular group because of the meeting time, or the location, or because you already know people in the group.  Connections Groups study the Bible, engage in fun activities, and group discussions. Groups are usually diverse – with people from various backgrounds making up each group. There is a group for everyone!

“For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” Matthew 18:20 (ESV)

Why Join a Connection Group? 

Connection Groups are often more personal and offer opportunities for you to connect with other Christians in a safe setting in a different way than large group settings. In a Connection Group it is easier to ask questions or discuss ideas you may not be comfortable asking or raising in a larger group. Each Connection Group presents unique opportunities for people to support, connect, and challenge one another in healthy ways. 

How do I join a Connection Group?

We are currently in the leader-building stage.  In the next week, we will be posting each group’s times and locations.

Click this link to fill out a form: Help me find a Connection Group


Meet our Connection Groups

Meet our Connection Groups.   We meet throughout the week either live or zoom. Three Connection Groups meet on campus and seven are meeting on ZOOM. If you interested in joining a Connection Group click the link and we’ll be happy to find a group.   Click this link to fill out a form: Help me find a Connection Group

Day, Time, Location, & leader(s)

  • 9:45 am ON-CAMPUS CAFETERIA– Leaders: Gary Schleicher, Ward Irvin.
  • 7 pm –  ZOOM – Leader, Lori Lambert (women)
  • 7 pm –ZOOM – Leader, Glenn Jones
  • 8 PM ZOOM – Cain – Rush