Connection Group Leader Guidelines

Connection Group Leader Guidelines

Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

Thank you for considering becoming a Connection Group Leader (CGL). You probably have many questions. This tract should help answer many of your questions. If you still are uncertain or have additional questions, please ask one of the organizers listed below.

May God continue to bless your walk with Him!

How Often?

Your connection group will work best if it meets weekly.


This is up to you and your group. This is not “Sunday School” although many groups will meet on Sunday.


Some groups will choose to meet on-line, some at a member’s home and some on the Faith campus. This is up to your group. If you want the Pastor to help lead your study, you will need to have a Zoom session set up (even if you are meeting in person).


  1. One Time
    1. Contact all members of your CGL. Determine time and place for your meeting. See attached questionnaire.
    1. If using Zoom, set up Zoom Session. If you need help technically setting up your Zoom meeting, call Ward Irvin (678-346-5869) or email
    1. If meeting on Campus, contact Janice (770-973-8921) to confirm availability and to reserve room.
    1. Email invitation out to your CG members with Zoom invite or physical place and time. (We will set up a Connection Group in CCB group for you to communicate with your group and take attendance). 
  2. Ongoing
    1. Send out weekly topics/assignment.
    1. Host weekly Connection Group meetings.
    1. Email any prayer requests to Janice, elders, or Pastor.
    1. Record attendance.

Is there a suggested format?

  • Open meeting with prayer, using CGL, member of CG, or an appropriate prayer provided by Pastor
  • Lead an Ice breaker discussion and/or opening discussion question. Respectfully guide the discussion so that all who want to participate may. Try to limit this time to 10 minutes
  • Start Video – groups watch video together (in person or online).
  • If meeting by Zoom, end the “first” session now. Immediately have everyone log back in. This allows you to effectively extend the 40 minute time limit of your free zoom account
  • If desired, Pastor may join to help lead discussion
  • End session with a prayer from a CG member, CGL or prayer provided by Pastor

Why Connection Groups?

  • Helps build relationship with fellow believers
  • Encourages conversations with and between CG members
  • Strengthens friendships and bonds between members
  • Spiritual, moral, and emotional support
  • Positive human interaction during this time of COVID forced separation
  • Provides foundation for increased community involvement

Connection Group Support Team:

Gary Schleicher, Board Director of Discipleship

Susan Irvin, Leadership Support

Ken Wagener, Pastoral Support