Red Letter Challenge

Red Letter Challenge

Red Letter Challenge is coming
Sunday, February 21st!

What is it?  “Red Letter” refers to all the words of Jesus found in the Bible.  If you have a red letter edition Bible, all of the words of Jesus are in RED.

What is “The Red Letter Challenge”? Here is the big idea: what if we take Jesus’s words, the ones that were written in red in our Bibles, and put them into practice?  Simple. Right?  It is probably not original, yet it is a very revolutionary idea that could change not just the followers of Jesus, but the world in which we His followers live! AND, what if, as a whole church, we read His words together, and lived out His commands and promises for 40 days, literally to practice what Jesus preached?  Is it possible that taking the Red Letter Challenge just might change us individually, as a church, and as a community?

The Red Letter Challenge is designed to get God’s people into the Word in three ways: 

  1. Worship (live and online)
  2. Daily Bible study and prayer on your own, and
  3. Connection groups where we share the word and live it out together in community.

If you are not in a connection group today, this is a great opportunity to join one.  Be watching for more information each week leading up the “The Red Letter Challenge.”

It is starting on the first Sunday in Lent, and it culminates on Palm Sunday, but, prayerfully, the impact of these 40 days will have an ongoing impact in each of our lives, our Faith Family, and our community. 

I hope you will find great blessings as you participate in “The Red Letter Challenge.”

Pastor Carl


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