Amy Kurtz accepts call to be Principal of Faith Lutheran School

Amy Kurtz accepts call to be Principal of Faith Lutheran School

November 3, 2022 Faith Lutheran Church and School,

Please consider this letter my joyful acceptance of God’s call to be the next principal at Faith Lutheran Church and School. I am excited to be part of Faith’s team of  Jesus-followers and look forward to being there with y’all next summer. Thank you so much for your prayers for me, my family, Faith, and for Trinity-St. John. This process has been one of prayer and reflection for all of us and I truly appreciate being given the time to consider where God is calling us to serve. Through this time I have been listening to God and have learned a lot about myself and how God can use me in His kingdom.

When considering any call there are so many unknowns, however I know that God is a God of details and He will guide us and provide for us as we move forward to figure out housing and a high school and all of the other things that go with moving a family! I appreciate your prayers for us as we say our good-byes here in Nashville and prepare to move to Georgia.

Please pray for my Trinity-St. John family as they begin the call process for their next principal leader as well. God will provide!

In Christ,
Mrs. Amy Kurtz