Mission of the Month 2018-2019


At Faith Lutheran Church and School we are on a mission!  We exist to Connect People to Jesus!  In order to create a culture of mission ministry, each of us needs to take ownership for the members of the body of Christ.  These are our neighbors.

How do we do this?  We regard ourselves as being entrusted by God with a variety of ways to share His hope with other people.  Simply, we practice good stewardship.  We look at our time, our talents, and our treasures, all given to us by God to manage for His kingdom work.  We are to be good stewards of these, not to keep in a safe place for later, but to use with wisdom now.

Each month a selected mission will help us to act on God’s behalf.  We can give of our time, our talents, and our treasures.  We can serve God with a thankful heart for His Son, Jesus, who gave His life to eternally save us.

Please pray for the Mission of the Month.  Praise God for the opportunity it provides and ask His Divine blessing upon it.  Ask God to allow your heart to be a giving heart as you contemplate your donation.  Thank God for your ability to serve.  Thank you.  (Note: Our Mission of the Month year runs from July – June)


JulyVoice of the Martyrs – Persecuted for their faith in countries throughout the world, people are encouraged by the help and prayers they receive.  This month the focus will be on Christians living in Sudan.  They gather in caves and under trees to worship because their homes and churches have become targets for government bombers.  While they know their earthly leaders oppose them, they continue to faithfully serve their almighty God.


August – Lutheran Bible Translators – Our gifts will support Miss Amy Formella, a Bible translator, in Africa.  Here she learns the local language and translates the Bible into that language so all people will have the opportunity to read God’s Words in their own language.


September Red Feather – Red Feather is a ministry to the Hopi and Navajos Indians in the American Southwest and to the Northern Cheyenne Tribes.  Our gifts are an investment in empowering families to solve their own housing needs by making them safer and more energy efficient.


OctoberOperation Shoebox – Christmas will be here sooner than we think!  We will collect specific items for a Christmas shoebox.  Every shoebox is an opportunity to share the Gospel and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas, the  birth of Jesus, with children throughout t  he world.  This is a ministry of Samaritan’s Purse.


NovemberMUST Ministry Food Pantry – Donations of canned goods for the food pantry at MUST Ministries will ensure that people who are hungry are fed.  Money collected in November and December will be donated to MUST.  We also apply to Thrivent for matching funds.


DecemberMUST Ministry Toy Drive – Toys for children in Cobb County are collected.  Cash offerings are donated to MUST.


JanuaryCalvary Children’s Home – Not all children with parents are wanted by them.  Not all children without parents are adopted.  A residential children’s home in Cobb County will receive this month’s donations.


FebruaryHearts for Jesus – This is a mission chosen by the Florida/Georgia District each year.  We will reveal it when we know what ministry is chosen.


MarchLutheran Services of Georgia – LSG does social ministry in the state of Georgia and is part of the national Lutheran service organization.  In our area food, clothing, and other necessities are collected and purchased.   An emphasis is also placed on the resettlement in Georgia of refugees from around the world.  LSG participates in the annual Hunger Walk.

April – Missionaries Peter and Lucy Hoffman – Members at King of Kings in Jasper, Georgia, missionaries Peter and Lucy Hoffman are dedicating their lives to bringing the message of Jesus to people in the Czech Republic.


May Lutheran Heritage Foundation – The “Continuing What Luther Began” project will provide families around the world with free Bible storybooks and Small Catechisms which LHF has translated into their own languages.


JuneHeifer International – Our church and Sunday school children will determine which animals to purchase with the funds that are raised.  The animals which are given to families throughout the world, change their lives by helping them to become financially independent.  They in turn pass on the gift to others in their community.