• on August 30, 2019

School in Prayer

School in Prayer is a wonderful prayer ministry to the students and teachers of Faith Lutheran school.

The second Thurday of every month (September – May) our “School In Prayer” ministry team engage each classroom in prayer.

Teams step into each classroom, gather in a circle, joining hands with students and teachers to pray. Each member of the Prayer in School team offers a specific prayer, praying for students, teachers, families, school, church, government leaders, and today’s matters – locally and globally. After the circle time of prayer, a member of the team prays individually with each child and teacher and offering a blessing in Jesus’ name.

It is such a joy for our prayer team to pray with the students and teachers each month.
Leading our School in Prayer ministry is Sandy Skrabanek.  Here is how our team is shaping up this year: David Barnett, Yates Cantrell, Marci Kalember, Tammy Lautenschlager, Janice Schaag, Pastor Carl Schneider, Sandy Skrabanek, Principal Mike Wolber.

If you are interested in joining our School in Prayer Team email Sandy Skrabanek or call the school office and ask for Janice Schaag.

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