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Middle School Opportunities

Austin Here with LOTS of Exciting News
YES It's Time for Middle School!

Last spring, our middle school ministry - YES - relaunched with an engaging afternoon of games, a movie, and pizza. After a summer of planning, prayer, and preparation, we are starting things back up again this fall with an afternoon of more excitement, more fun, and more opportunities!

With the start of this school year will come many new opportunities for service, fellowship, and learning for our Middle School students. For our fifth graders, a First Communion class will be offered in which students will learn about the Lord's Supper and how Christ works within it.

Confirmation will also be starting later this fall with our rising 8th graders. Confirmation is a fantastic time for Christians to discover more about their faith - to learn the ins and outs of what they believe and why it matters in their lives.

Finally, there will be two opportunities a month for all 5th through 8th grade students to participate in. That's right, Y.E.S. is back! Open to all 5th through 8th graders, we will be launching with a back to school celebration: September 14th at 11:30 am. Activities will include (but are not limited to) pizza, Nerf Capture the Flag, and starting a new study: Speak, Search, Explore, and Examine. In this study, students will learn what it means to stay firm in their beliefs and - at the same time - "engage in humble dialogue with the world around us." - Sean McDowell

To make all of these wonderful things happen - I need members of our Faith family to be engaged! There are many opportunities to serve in different capacities with our Y.E.S. and CIRCLE Youth Groups. If you are interested, shoot me an email or text!

I hope you are excited; I know I am!

Austin Dukes
Director of Christian Education 

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