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Matins survey

Upcoming Survey on the Matins Service

A few months ago, the Board of Elders made an announcement in the Faith Newsletter that on the 5th Sunday of any month, we would discontinue using the Matins liturgy for the 8:00 service.  However, after that announcement, the Elders heard from many in our Congregation that they still wanted to continue having the Matins service on the 5th Sunday of a month.  Given the differing opinions, it was decided to conduct a survey of those members that attend the 8:00 service to gain a better understanding of just how many want to continue or discontinue using the Matins liturgy.

Therefore, on Sunday, August 18 and the following Sunday, August 25, a survey on the Matins liturgy will be included in the 8:00 service bulletins.  We will ask those attending these services to fill out the survey and hand them to an Elder or Usher after the service.  The surveys will then be collected and analyzed by the Board of Elders at their September meeting, with the intention of implementing the results of the survey at the next 5th Sunday opportunity, which will be on September 29.

If you'd like to fill out the survey online, go to

 We look forward to hearing from you!          The Board of Elders
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